Zephyr Parterre

Radcliffe Public Art Competition | Spring 2014 | Design with Justin Jackson & Anya Domlesky

'Zephyr Parterre' positions Radcliffe's Public Art Competition as a visualization of phenomena. Through the use of public art as a tool for thought, conversation, and destination the proposal suggests a transformation. This transformation is echoed through the use of scaffolding and the constant interaction of environmental processes with the hanging metal chips. Wind flowing through the site will provide a constant choreography of change, providing a visualization of the phenomena. The structure's orientation and dramatic site lines pull people into and through the Wallach Garden, providing spatial and experiential interactions with the exhibit

Drawing on the idea as space as object, the juxtaposition of the panels against the scaffolding creates two very different but complimentary visual and spatial dynamics that provide the visitors as inhabitable space to explore. 

The structure is 18' high and 32'6" wide. We chose off the shelf scaffolding for its readymade nature, off the shelf construction practicality, and connotations of renewal and transformation. The prosaic framework contrasts with the glint of the thinner metal panels. We have designed Zephyr Parterre to function as object, register of environmental phenomena, and as habitable space.