Science Center Plaza

Landscape Architecture Core Studio I GSD | Fall 2011 | 3 week project | Instructor: Silvia Benedito

The Cambridge Street underpass is sandwiched between the northern and southern campuses of Harvard University. The project is situated on the publicly owned spaces directly on the overpass between the two campuses. The edges of the project define the public/private division. The east west axes are defined by a regularized zigzag line emphasizing the tension between the public and private space and reflecting the gate the borders it on the south side. The landform is derived from the circulation of the site, creating two main crossing points. In addition, public spaces are carved out of the landform to create areas of rest and areas of gathering. The landform is sloped to create surfaces on which people are able to sit. In addition, there are benches located on the edge and woven in towards the center of the landform. The vegetation is used to create distinct areas within the site. The middle area acts as a small performance space with sloped seating and benches looking down on a performance area.

This diagram shows the process of moving and creating the landform on the overpass. 

A view of the site looking from the west to the east.