Flow: A Franklin Park Intervention

Landscape Architecture Core Studio II | GSD | Spring 2012 | 7 Week Project

Franklin Park lies at the end of Olmsted's Emerald Necklace in Boston, MA. Originally intended as a 'country park', Franklin Park today is in need of repair and maintenance. While the golf course is well used by the community, the rest of the park is often sparse of people. Our goal was to create an intervention into Franklin Park.  

In the original plan, the water used in the duck pond was to be pumped from Jamaica Pond and then transported through a pipe down to the pond. I was interested in exposing this unrealized plan by creating a stream from the underground water reservoir down to the duck pond.  

The intervention explores four different types of flow on the site: water, circulation, canopy, and topography. By overlapping these flows, different spatial conditions are created on site allowing for a diverse set of experiences to take place, centering around water.  

A view from the river towards the golf course

Masterplan of Franklin Park shows the extend of the stream.

Sequential Sections Along the River