Lava Garden

Landscape Architecture Core Studio 1 | GSD | Fall 2011 | 9 day project | Instructor: Jane Hutton

The Lava Garden, located on the hillside of a Hawaiian volcano, uses vegetation to control and guide people's movement through a space as well as to block and guide people's views to the rest of the site.  The vegetation is also used to emphasize the constriction of the path as you move closer to the Mud Volcano. The path physically becomes skinnier and plants begin to grow over the pathway forcing your focus downward. The porosity of the pavement dictates where people walk (the least porous), where the vegetation is to be planted (moderately porous), and where the boiling mud hole is (the most porous).

In this laser cut plexi model, the overlapping vegetation becomes clear.

A section through the site shows the overhanging vegetation the closer a person walks to the mud volcano.